Strategies For an Online Job Search

Finding a job used to be a very slow process, but this has drastically changed with the advent of online job search boards. Rather than waiting for the Sunday newspaper to find good jobs to apply for, you can now set up an account with a multitude of online job search agents and have hundreds of leads delivered to you inbox daily. This article will show you how to properly put together an online job search that is efficient and effective.

Online Job Search Strategy – Step 1: Get Your Profile Online

The first step in conducting your online job search is preparing electronic copies of your resumes and cover letters. The major online job boards allow you to create a free profile and upload as many targeted resumes and cover letters as you like. Putting your job search documents in an electronic format makes it super easy to distribute them to potential employers quickly. Once you have put your resume in an electronic format, it’s important to upload it to as many sites as possible. Most importantly, make your resume «searchable» or public to employers. This way when an employer runs a search for specific keywords, your resume will show up without even needing to apply for the job.

Online Job Search Strategy – Step 2: Set Up Automated Job Search Agents

The major online job search sites offer a fantastic automated feature – emailed search results. You can create a free profile that will bring daily leads to your email address. When you create a job search agent, be sure to use as many relevant keywords as possible relating to your field. Don’t just use the title of the position you are looking for, include synonyms and related words to increase the chances of finding leads you are interested in. For example, if you are an accountant, don’t just search for «accountant.» Instead put together a large string of related keywords, such as: «accountant, accounting, general ledger, finance, financial reporting.» You may end up seeing jobs that you are not qualified for, but it’s better to have too many than too few.

Online Job Search Strategy – Step 3: Managing the online application process

It can get pretty cumbersome to manage the application process once you have multiple emailed search agents created. To keep yourself focused, you need to have a good process for organizing the leads. I like to use the daily job application organizer that you can find at By keeping a list of jobs you are interested in you can be sure you are following up properly on each job you apply for.

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