Commonsense Twitter Review

An important question marketers are asking themselves is. » Twitter a a distraction or a marketing god send?». According to Annette Wellsford, Commonsense Marketing’s CEO that entirely depends how one approach Twitter. Twitter can be an incredible time waster and even more addictive than Face book. However it also can be an extremely productive business tool if businesses follow a well thought out business strategy and operate within proven guidelines.

In fact the CEO feels so strongly about exploiting the business potential of Twitter so much she gathered a team of people that offers to build your business for you. What they do is create custom built responsive accounts that will easily allow businesses to reach untapped markets so that they may forge ahead of their competition.

Commonsense Marketing identifies in Twitter a plenty of advantages which one may not be immediately aware of. It allows one: to communicate and tap into thousands of prospects at once; to spy on your competitors; to effectively service your customers; to keep up with activities in your business sector; to promote events; to keep interest up during those events and to advertise your products and services by driving traffic to your blog and/or website.

Other benefits of using Twitter for business as identified are: you can get feedback on what people think of your business product(s) and your company; it allows you to get the attention of the media and thus get free advertising; it allows one to take advantage of the gossip or viral nature of Twitter. All the above aspects are addressed in ‘Commonsense Twitter’ as part of the business strategies they lay out..

The core value of ‘Commonsense Twitter’ is their report that gives you a business blueprint to follow and explicitly tells you the do’s and don’ts so you can get the most out of Twitter for your business. This is not another simplistic report for the beginner as it covers advanced strategies for entrepreneurial business owners and their marketing support. Everything is laid out with step by step instructions complete with diagrams and visual clips on Twitter itself.

To supplement this main core Commonsense Marketing gives you valuable bonuses including:

1) identifies 25 business approaches in a 45 page eBook backed with months of business research and case studies.

2) a business beginners complete yet easy to follow Twitter Step by Step Startup Guide;

3) A Complementary Guide in How to use ‘Facebook’ for business; and

4) a Content Resource Book indicating where to find content material you can add in and use in performing your Twitter Marketing Campaign.

This comprehensive package should give entrepreneurs precisely what you need to setup Twitter so that anyone can use Twitter effectively and efficiently in their business. If you follow the simple rules provided in ‘Commonsense Twitter’ you will be productive and effective straight away and not waste any time and effort. Included in the kit is also a custom professionally designed Twitter background and a custom created twitter follow me button to get your started with an appropriate professional image. Certainly a lot of value for the relatively low price they are asking. Go here!

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